I Am Very Concerned About Content Suppression and the Targeting of Journalists on Twitter/X

For two years, I've fought Twitter/X to allow me to monetize my content like many others on the platform.

Last week, Twitter/X let me know I would be approved if I completed their ID verification, which included biometrics. I reluctantly complied providing Twitter with a face print, only to discover I'm still pending.

The demand for biometrics is unprecedented and deeply troubling. This requirement poses serious privacy and security risks, particularly for journalists and opinion makers. The potential for misuse of such sensitive data cannot be overstated, especially given the platform's immense influence on public discourse and Elon Musk's regular calls with Vladimir Putin and recent rumored meeting with Donald Trump.

Just as concerning are the signs of targeted suppression. My content's reach and engagement have been suspiciously affected, and seem restricted from appearing on trending feeds. Numerous journalists and content creators report similar experiences, suggesting a pattern of unacceptable manipulation of who can access the platform.

Twitter/X's dominant position in social news makes these issues critical to free speech and press freedom. The power to control monetization and visibility of content is, in essence, the power to censor. This situation warrants antitrust scrutiny and raises significant First Amendment concerns.

If I've misread the situation or my concerns are unfounded, I'd be glad to discuss them directly with Twitter/X, However, the gravity of the situation demands immediate attention. This isn't just about one journalist or platform - it's about protecting the cornerstone of democracy: free press and speech in the digital age during a highly consequential election campaign.

Your awareness and support are crucial. By sharing this message, and remaining vigilant about potential suppression, and by supporting affected content creators, you can help safeguard the integrity of our digital public square.

As we enter a new economic age, platform providers should be required to ensure transparency, fairness, privacy, equality, and the highest levels of data security. This is especially important for journalists who risk so much by holding those in power accountable.

We need laws holding platform owners liable for any adverse effects resulting from their failure to protect their users. We also need real, viable competition for every platform to achieve the best results for all involved.

Thank you for your attention to this critical matter. Your involvement can make a real difference in navigating these complex and consequential issues.

Yours in truth,


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