DebateGate: Was Biden Sabotaged at CNN's Presidential Debate?

Zev Shalev alleges Joe Biden may have been sabotaged at the CNN Debate.

In a shocking new analysis, journalist and media producer Zev Shalev alleges that Joe Biden may have been deliberately sabotaged during last week's CNN presidential debate against Donald Trump.

Key Issues

  1. Unusual debate format and pacing that seemed designed to disorient Biden

  2. Suspicious lighting differences between Biden's and Trump's podiums

  3. Possible audio manipulation of Biden's voice, stripping out mid-range frequencies

  4. Questions about Biden's mysterious "cold" and whether he was given something to impair his performance

Shalev argues these factors combined to make Biden appear older, frailer and less coherent than he is. He calls for an independent investigation into CNN's production choices and whether foul play was involved.

"Before Democrats rush to replace Biden at the top of the ticket, we need answers about what happened that night," Shalev states. He urges viewers to be skeptical of the "Biden is too old" narrative, which he links to ongoing Russian disinformation campaigns.

The full analysis is available on Shalev's Narativ podcast.

Show Notes:

  • Zev Shalev alleges Joe Biden may have been sabotaged at the CNN debate

  • Suspicious production choices in lighting, audio, and format benefited Trump

  • Calls for investigation before any talk of replacing Biden as nominee

  • Warns "Biden is too old" narrative plays into Russian disinformation

  • A full breakdown of evidence on the latest Narativ podcast episode

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