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The very latest on the war on democracy from Israel, Ukraine, Russia, USA, and China


Watch the video from the dramatic rescue of 3 hostages held captive in Gaza: get briefed on the high-stakes diplomacy at the G7 in Southern Italy, and find out the latest from Moscow to Beijing and Washington DC, the war on democracy is global and kinetic and only on Narativ.

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Is Bibi Playing Politics With Hostages?

At the heart of this struggle are Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, U.S. President Joe Biden, and a cast of global power players, including former President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. As I discussed in my newsletter post yesterday, the relationship between Netanyahu and Biden is a critical factor, with the upcoming U.S. elections adding another layer of complexity.

The global war on democracy is being waged on multiple fronts, from the newly announced long-term U.S.-Ukraine security agreement to the presence of Trump loyalists in Congress and Netanyahu's possible manipulative strategies. One big question remains: Is Netanyahu leveraging the hostages for political gain, perhaps to influence the U.S. elections in favor of anti-democratic forces?

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Zelensky’s $50B Windfall From Putin’s Frozen Assets.

China's stance on the Russia-Ukraine war is another key battleground in this struggle, with the implications of executive agreements versus binding treaties coming into sharp focus.

In this exclusive analysis, I unpack these intricately intertwined threads, offering insights into how this pivotal hostage situation may shape the global war on democracy and the impending U.S. elections. Stay tuned for more in-depth coverage as this multi-front battle continues to unfold.

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