I Will Not Bow Down

Joe Biden's New Catchphrase Encapsulate the Election Battle of 2024

Amid a heated political landscape shaped by an early Summer presidential debate and crucial Supreme Court decisions, America is at a crossroads. The choice in November couldn't be starker: democracy versus dictatorship, light versus darkness, corruption versus decency. Few developments have sent chills down our spines more than the recent SCOTUS decision granting the presidency absolute immunity for criminal acts carried out in an official capacity. Justice Sotomayor's powerful dissent resonates: "The President is now a king above the law."

While the concept of an Imperial presidency has been floated, it fails to capture the harsh reality of what a second Trump term might entail. Trump calls it retribution, but it's not about crossing him; it's about daring to speak truth to power.

A Tale of Two Presidencies: Achievements vs. Ambitions

President Joe Biden has long understood Trump's plans. He asserts that he's the best candidate to defeat Donald Trump because he's grasped the nature of the MAGA movement from day one. Biden has been signaling this in his speeches for some time. Both Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris, have adopted the phrase "I Will Not Bow Down" in defiance of what they perceive as Trump's attempts to subjugate the American people—to transform us from free citizens in charge of our own destiny into Trump's subjects.

How else can one explain Project 2025, the rollback of abortion and reproductive rights, and the looming threat to contraception access? Trump has made it clear that he intends to arrest and imprison his political opponents, including those he sees as adversaries in the media. His debate performance this week was alarmingly bold, with a torrent of falsehoods that seemed designed not just to mislead but to destabilize the sitting president. CNN and Trump engaged in "gotcha" journalism with the future of democracy at stake, and we cannot allow the events of that night to undermine our best shot at preserving American freedom.

Tonight, on our @NarativTV Special Report (9 PM ET), I'll share new information about debate night and how the mainstream media has covered this story.

Joe Biden may be advancing in years, but even after four decades of service, he continues to serve the United States. He has achieved the seemingly impossible in his first term and vows to finish the job in a second.

Biden asks us to trust that he can do the job, but we don't need to take it on faith—we can see it with our own eyes. His geopolitical grasp is unmatched, his policy positions on every major issue are well-considered, and his personal relationships with key leaders are strong. Add to this his ties to blue-collar and black Americans, his stellar track record on human and civil rights, and his miraculous rescue of the economy post-COVID, and it becomes clear why Joe Biden is the best choice to lead the US. In stark contrast, all that can be said of his opponent with any degree of certainty is that he consistently lies.

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