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Democrats End Their Revolt, Trump Moves On The Middle, DebateGate Details

For all the consternation about Joe Biden, Democrats have scored an own goal with their 10-day assault on his debate performance. This back-alley beatdown on their candidate has inadvertently given Donald Trump room to rebrand as... a moderate. Yes, if you read his new policy platform, that's exactly what he's attempting.

But don't be fooled – this makeover has more holes than Swiss cheese:

Trump's 'Moderate' Makeover: Five Glaring Holes

  1. Ukraine Avoidant: The GOP remains the Kremlin party. Their silence on Vladimir Putin and his expansionist tendencies speaks volumes.

  2. Taxing the rich: They'll fight this harder than a cat fights a bath. The GOP is still the party of the uber-wealthy, who pay far less in taxes than average Americans. Trump wants to give more to the rich; Biden aims for fair taxation.

  3. Abortion: They'll try to pass this off as a "state issue," but we know the truth about Roe and the corruption of SCOTUS.

  4. Trump's baggage: Attempted government overthrow isn't exactly moderate. Neither is espionage, fraud, or falsifying documents to steal a federal election.

  5. Immigration: The big kahuna. The GOP advocates for camps and forced deportations.

The Overlooked Story: DebateGate

The media should investigate the story they've ignored since the debate: my analysis of what appeared to be sabotage of Biden's audio and video at the CNN debate. Twitter users viewed my tweet 5.5 million times, so it resonates. There's more here than I've reported. Enterprising reporters and producers reach out for interviews. This goes to the heart of the matter: Trump's character.

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Biden's Comprehensive Platform

If Democrats can cease the backstabbing and coup plotting, they might realize their president has all bases covered:

  • A humane immigration policy.

  • Abortion rights protection at the federal level.

  • Tax plans that ensure billionaires pay their fair share.

  • An economic plan benefiting the middle class, not land barons and rent sharks.

  • A democracy with safeguards.

  • An America clear-eyed about Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

  • And a DOJ that’s unafraid to go after criminals, whomever they may be.

Democrats should set aside their internal conflicts, refine their message, and present their winning platform to the voters. If they don’t, they may find themselves outflanked by Republicans masquerading as middle-class moderates.

Trust me, that's not a rerun we want to watch.

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